High Hygiene Index

We prioritize cleanliness and safety, ensuring mothers have a peaceful confinement period.

Diverse Activities

We offer various activities to help mothers relieve stress, relax, and learn baby care.

Super Affordable Prices

Affordable prices for quality services ensure that mothers can easily recover during their confinement period.

Quiet & Comfortable Environment

We create a cozy and peaceful environment for Mums to relax and destress during confinement.

Quality Food Preparation

We offer nutritious and delicious catering services to ensure mums enjoy gourmet food and balanced nutrition during confinement.

Professional Breast-feeding Consultation

We assist with breastfeeding and promote good habits while providing quality nutrition and care for newborns.

24/7 Monitoring Equipment

Safe, comfy, and harmonious confinement for moms and babies with our efficient equipment, safety measures, and dedicated personnel.

Professional Massage Therapists

We offer quality massages to help mothers rejuvenate and improve their physical well-being and immunity.

Mother’s Review

We provide caring and high-quality services to every mother, ensuring they receive sufficient care and nurturing
during their postpartum period, which receives high praise and accolades.
Suzanne Yap
谢谢圆满馨让我轻松的度过了28天的月子。Baby都有保姆们和护士的细心照顾。房间每天都有kakak打扫得干干净净, 让我们住得舒舒服服。食物也给我们吃的很健康。老板娘和员工们都很亲切的问候和关心。


Ginny Teh
It was an unforgettable experience and great memories to spend the first 28-days of confinement at K-Ring. Learned and picked up new knowledge on babysitting and health awareness from the well experienced team here. Friendly, homey atmosphere, most importantly the positive environment that cheer us up despite the health issues we encountered with our newborn baby. Words can’t really describe much but it’s the feeling that counts. I never regretted my decision of choosing this centre compared to others which offer a sense of luxury. Thank you to all team member of K-Ring that has been with us in times we need you the most. 28 days with different food choices served to our doorstep. 5 scrumptious meal a day. Thumbs up.
Hughie Dang
Vivian Wong

Confinement Meal Delivery

No need to cook, save time and energy; safe and hygienic ingredients;
14 or 28-day meal packages offer new mothers a nutritious and varied diet to aid postpartum recovery.

Full Moon Gift Box

Our gift box offers a variety of delicious treats for the newborn, including traditional red eggs and Angku Kuih, as well as rich and flavorful butter cakes or tart cakes.
Red eggs are a traditional gift for the full moon celebration, representing the child’s health and happiness. Our red eggs are made from the highest quality eggs. Angku Kuih is a traditional Malaysian dessert and a common choice for full moon gifts. Butter cakes or tart cakes are additional options to cater to different taste preferences.
Overall, our full moon gift box is not only delicious but also carries a profound meaning, representing your blessings and love for the newborn.

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